48 Million People Went Online To Find Local Businesses Last Year In The US Alone!






Did They Find Your Store?

Do your customers use the Internet? I can guarantee you that if they don't now, they will soon. Consumers are becoming more net-savvy. Now that you can search for a business by city or even zip code -- customers are looking for the closest business on the Internet. If your business is not one of them, youíre going to be left behind. In fact,

If Your Local Business Isnít Online by 2007, You Might Not Be IN Business At All!

Just look at TV. When was the last time you saw an ad the DIDN'T have a web address at the bottom of the screen? Advertising is increasingly directing people to a company's website for more information.

Just What Do You Mean By a Retail Store?

A retail store is someone whose customers come to your place of business to buy a product or service. Most retail stores runs special sales and frequently offer discount coupons for purchases. Some examples of retail stores are:

  • hardware store
  • beauty or nail salon
  • local computer repair shop
  • pharmacy
  • used car dealer
  • barber shop
  • tax preparation service
  • any type of specialty store
  • liquor store
  • bar or night club
  • auto repair shop
  • gas station
  • bicycle shop

If you operate a retail store and aren't part of a national franchise that does your advertising, but have never thought seriously about getting a website, you need a Retail Store website. In fact, selling your products or service online is the most overlooked and virtually untapped opportunity on the Internet.

Our Retail Store Website Has Been Designed Specifically With The Needs Of A Local Retail Store In Mind!

Save Big Time On Advertising!

Get a 24/7 advertising machine for pennies a day. We will design and setup your website for less than the cost of a single quarter page newspaper ad. No longer will you have to throw away flyers or brochures because you no longer off a service or because you had to change your prices or business hours. Now you can use more generic printed sales materials because you can direct your prospects to your website for the details. Best of all, there is no additional charge to you for printing if you make detail changes to your website. In fact, if you make the changes to the website yourself, it's doesn't cost you anything!

Do You Offer Money Saving Coupons To Your Customers?

If you do, you can put them online so your customers can print them out and bring them into the store. All you need to do is send them an email telling them there are new coupon specials available. No more printing costs for coupons or having to pay for advertising to get them to your customers.

lawnmowerALL Lawn & Garden Items 20% Off
Saturday Only

BUD's Hardware
405 Main Street

Email Your Customers

Yes, you website comes with autoresponder software already installed and configured for your site so you can collect your visitors name and email address. It also comes with complete instructions on how to use the autoresponders. Just ask your existing customers if they want to be notified when new coupons and specials are posted on your website.

Take Advantage of Passive Advertising!

If that isn't enough, you can take advantage of all kinds of passive (read "free" or nearly free) methods of promoting your business.

How many times have you written down a website address when you've seen it on TV or somewhere else and checked it out because they were offering something you wanted or just because you were curious?

Extend Your Business Hours Without Increasing Payroll Expenses

A web site is available 24x7. You can be open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no cost for additional employees to man the phones or wait on the customers. This is perfect for all the Night Owls who want to do their comparison-shopping in the wee hours. A well designed web site can answers all of their questions while you sleep peacefully.

You can even provide a contact email address so someone can get back to them during regular business hours if they still have questions and you can collect their email address so the next time business is slow or you offer a special, you can contact them.

How can you beat 24/7 customer service with a normal 40 hours a week payroll expense price tag?

You can also sell some or all of your products online as well. All you need is to create sales pages for your products and install a payment button or electronic shopping cart.

But, remember, you will need a method of collecting money online and a way to ship the products if you sell them online. But don't worry. If you already have a merchant account, it can be easily integrated into online payment processing services. If you don't have a merchant account, you can use PayPal.

Setting up a PayPal merchant account is free. All you need is a business checking account. PayPal charges a $0.30 transaction fee and 2.9% of the sales price for processing. All we have to do is copy and paste the code generated on the Paypal site into your web page and you're ready to take orders.

Provide Online Care or Use Instructions

Customers almost always have questions on how to use or care for products. By providing explanations on how to use or care for items online, you can provide a valuable service to your customers without tying up all of your time with one-on-one explanations or paying printing costs to provide written instructions. Now, you can refer customers to "how-to" articles or to an on-line tutorial first.

But, the real time saver for a business is this type of product support doesn't involve actual customer contact. You can direct customers to email you if they have any further questions after reading the online materials. No more telephone calls when you're busy! Email product support allows you to help your customers during slow times of the day, during scheduled time periods or when you just have some free time.

Use Your Website To Build Customer Loyalty

Everyone knows that good customer service creates loyal customers. The more value a customer believe you give him, the more likely they will purchase from you again and again. For example

I Lost My Medical Insurance!

10 Years ago, I was laid off from my job and I couldn't afford the extended benefits. Normally it would be no biggie....EXCEPT... I have a defect in my heart... it doesn't beat properly. So, I have to take expensive medicine daily to regulate my heart beat.

Without a job, I couldn't afford my medicine...my prescription was over $300 a month ... retail! I didn't know what I was going to do. A friend suggested I talk to the new owner of the local pharmacy.

So, I explained my situation to the new owner. Amazingly, he said, "Don't Worry! I'll sell it to you for the same price the insurance companies pay." It was almost $100 a month less. I was streteched tight...but it was doable!

You see, Joe helped me when I needed help. So, I always recommend him to anyone who asks. Even though I moved away four years ago, I drive the 30 miles to Joe's store each month to pick up my medicine and anything else I need that he sells. You see, Joe earned my trust and loyalty 10 years ago and I want to make sure he stays in business.

Share New Product Ideas With Your Customers

What do you do if one of your customers finds a great new use for one of your products?

Informing all of your customers individually would be time consuming at best and could be downright expensive at worst. Instead, you can put the new information on your web site. Then you can just direct your customers to the proper place for a full explanation. And best of all, the information is always available to your customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Conduct Surveys To Improve Customer Service and Sales

How much do you think your sales would increase if you knew what your customers really wanted?

You can use your website to find out. Just put a survey on your we site and ask your customers to help you provide them with better products and services.

Remember, You get all of this for just pennies a day.

  • Save Big Money on Advertising
  • Post online specials and money saving coupons
  • Extend business hours without increasing payroll expenses.
  • Showcase your products and services
  • Educate your customers about your products and services
  • Build Customer Loyalty
  • Share new product and service ideas with your customers
  • Save time by not having to explain what you have to offer to potential customers one-on-one
  • Prospect for new customers for your business using free or nearly free, passive methods

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But I Don't Know Anything About Websites

That's OK, you don't need to because we do.

You Give Us The Information And We Do The Work.

All you have to do is fill out a questionnaire telling us all about your business. Then after you talk to one of our staff members and provide any other information we need, we'll design the website and write the copy. Then, as soon as you approve it, the site will go "live"

Here's what you'll get with our retail store website design package:

  • Domain Name Registration for one year

  • Custom designed website template created to work and look good in Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Foxfire and Opera.

  • First Two months Hosting FREE

  • Free autoresponder software to collect visitor information

  • Copywriting and photo optimization for your site

  • Product Sales Page

  • Special Sale or Coupon Page

  • About Us and Contact Information page

  • Local Search Engine Optimization for all your pages including telling the search engine "spyders" not to index or follow certain links.

  • Product Technical Specifications pages or links if appropriate.

  • Free site setup

  • Unlimited POP3 email accounts forwarded to your personal email

  • Link to your Blog if you have one.

  • Any other links you want us to add.

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Worried About Price?

By this point you might be a little concerned about the price of our website design package. After all, here you have a great product that will help your bottom line, put more money in your bank account, and provide exactly what a local retail business needs.

As a matter of fact, if you search the website for design packages, you'll notice the price range is tremendous. Most companies that do custom design require you to put down a $300-500 non-refundable deposit before they will start doing any work. Then, their finished product can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars more.

Since the total price of our package is less than the non-refundable deposits charged by other companies, we do require payment in full.

But, don't worry! I'm not trying to take you to the cleaners! I want others to know what a great value my web design is and the best way I can think of doing it is by offering a great product at a tremendous price.

So, We're offering this great service for just $497. That's it! No hidden costs.

Free Access To Members Area

As an added bonus, all design, maintenance and hosting customers get free access to the members resource area where there is an online tool to password protect directories, a script library filled with useful scripts and an ebook library with information on Marketing, Ebook Creation, Personal Development, Selling, Getting Website Traffic and other topics.

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Our Website Design Package is Backed by Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Listen, I want you to be happy with our service. That's why I'm going to give you our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Plus, I want you to feel completely confident I keep my word. So, I'm also going to give you my personal Satisfaction Guarantee.

Now you can take advantage of all of the benefits of using the Internet to promote your business at a remarkably low price. Don't wait!. I don't know how long I will be able to offer this level of value at these prices. So, Don't hesitate. Order your website right now and take advantage of this incredible package at this low introductory price.

Purchase Now and Get a Free Report!

As a bonus for ordering your retail store website, I'll include a copy in PDF downloadable format of the introductory version of "How To Promote Your Local Business With A Website" by Sharon Flint in PDF format to help you maximize the benefits of your website.

book picture


Donna Warren, CEO
DPW Enterprises

P. S. Order today and I will include a Second Free Report in PDF downloadable format on how to get traffic for your website to help you start making money as soon as possible. And, don't forget, you're also backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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P.P.S. Imagine dozens of people checking out your website trying to determine if you are the one they want to do business with and then the phone starts ringing.

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To see an example of one of our Retail Store websites Click Here.

Our Retail Store Websites Come With All Of The Following Built-in Features:

  • Domain Name Registration for one year

  • Custom designed website template created to work and look good in Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Foxfire and Opera.

  • First Two months Hosting FREE ($17.90 value)

  • Free autoresponder software to collect visitor information ($20/month value)

  • Copywriting and photo optimization for your site

  • Product Sales Page

  • Special Sale or Coupon Page

  • About Us and Contact Information page

  • Local Search Engine Optimization for all your pages including telling the search engine "spyders" not to index or follow certain links.

  • Product Technical Specifications pages or links if appropriate.

  • Free site setup ($25)

  • Unlimited POP3 email accounts forwarded to your personal email

  • Link to your Blog if you have one.

  • Any other links you want us to add.

That's a $618 value*

For Only


We Accept

credit cards


* ($ 15 for domain name registration, $195 for site design, $18 for two month's hosting, $30 for installing and configuring the autoresponders software, $30 for basic search engine optimization, $30 dollars for the site maintenance training materials and $200 for the copywriting).

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