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Are Slow Loading Photos Driving Visitors Away From Your Web Site?
If your site includes slow-loading photos, you may be losing valuable web site traffic. Industry studies have shown that most internet users are willing to wait only 7 to 10 seconds for content to appear on a web page before move on to another site never to return. You need to use photos that have been optimized for fast web delivery.

I Use A Digital Camera So I Don't Have To Worry
Wrong, using a digital camera does not produce image files that are ready for the web. Digital cameras shoot pictures at very high resolutions using millions of colors. There are only 216 colors than are used on the web. Photos need to be prepared for viewing using colors that monitors can display and discarding the rest.

What Should I Do?
Use a graphic program like Photoshop or Fireworks to optimize your photos for the web before uploading them to the web server.

What If I Don't Have Those Programs Or Wouldn't Know How To Use Them If I Did?
Let us optimize your photos for you.

Need To Eliminate Red Eye Or Want To Remove Something In The Background?
If so, we can provide that service too.

If you want us to edit or optimize you photos, please Contact Us so we can discuss your project.

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