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We pay commissions on EVERY sale you make according to the commission schedule and in the case of recurring services, we pay you for as long as the customer has an account with us.

For a business, affiliate programs are a cost effective method of advertising products and services. For an affiliate, the program can generate extra money. So, when you succeed, we succeed. We are as responsible for your success as you are for ours.

Here's how we take care of our affiliates - You!

We offer top quality products, customer service, and guarantee because your reputation and ours is put on the line every time a customer makes a purchase.

If a customer buys our product (and you referred them to us), and if they find it to be a poor quality and poor service product, do you think they will enjoy the product and make good recommendations? They'll most likely return the product for a refund. You lose, and we lose.

That's why our business is build on the foundation of great product value, quality, and guarantee - delivering satisfied and happy customers. A little extra hard work now, and over-delivering beyond their expectations will pay you and us back in spades.

Bottom line?

DPW Enterprises provides great quality, high value products that always over delivers... going beyond expectations... builds a strong and fair compensation prgoram... and closes with long-term protection for you.

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